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Elke De Greef was born in Buizingen on the 24th of September 1974. She studied Law at the Free University of Brussels and received her diploma in 1998.


She later succeeded in the required state exams and became a Deputy Public Prosecutor responsible for the juvenile court in Brussels.


After a career of several years in the Belgian Magistracy she had to accept her premature retirement for health reasons in 2011.


After months of soul searching she decided to take on evening courses, first to become a color and style consultant and later hands on trade courses in maroquinerie.


Today Elke designs and creates unique leather handbags and fashion accessories under her own brand called Ibriz.


She specialises in limited edition designer handbags, leather handbags and accessories which are sold online via or face to face in Antwerp or Brussels. Elke also works as a style and color consultant and personal shopper for clients in Belgium.



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