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Belgian startup designer Elke De Greef launches first collection of exclusive - limited edition - le

Elke De Greef, up and coming designer, launches Ibriz, a new brand of 100% leather fashion accessories created in limited number to guarantee uniqueness and style.

After 3 years studying “maroquinerie”, Elke De Greef launches her first collection of limited edition handbags and fashion accessories under the brandname Ibriz and the website

All products are made of hand-picked leather hides, combined according to color, feel and material. Elke De Greef creates the model and prototype in her atelier in Belgium and refines the design till a final product is born.

The handbags and accessories are then carefully stitched - together with the designer - by experienced craftsmen in Morocco where the trade was born more than 800 years ago. Handbags are available in a limited number or are 100% unique (only one made).

The first four models consist of:

  • The 'Fleur de Peau' collection - A classic square shoulderbag with two straps. The collection has both very bright and two-tone colored handbags. There are unique pieces, meaning there is only one handbag or a limited number of that kind.

  • 'The Planets' collection - A larger modern shoulder bag with two straps. This larger model is again made of top quality leather. All pieces are unique in the way that only one product was made with the exact leather and color combination.

  • The 'Astrolabium' collection - A stylish tote bag. This is a collection of one of a kind top quality handbags. All handbags have different soufflets compared to their fronts and some have two different fronts, so you have two bags in one.

  • The Necktie / ‘Col Cravate’ - The idea of this modern and feminine version of the classic necktie came from looking for a way to tie a scarf. They are made of high quality leather with prints and/or nubuck leather.

“I decided to only create a limited number of the same handbags, sometimes just one, because as a woman I would like my leather accessories to be unique. At the same time I discovered that by hand picking leather and working with real craftsman in small ateliers adds tremendous value to the final product.”

The price range of these limited edition leather handbags is between 395€ and 595€ and can be purchased via the webshop at or in the atelier of the designer after making an appointment via the same website or by calling +32473810023

Contact for the press: +32497451133 or email to

Ibriz website:

Pictures in high resolution are available. Please get in touch.

Important note to the press: since some handbags are truly exclusive - only one model is made - it is important to take into consideration that at the time of publishing of this announcement some handbags which are depicted could already be sold and not available anymore.


About Elke De Greef - Designer - Owner of Ibriz.

Elke De Greef was born in Buizingen on the 24th of September 1974. She studied Law at the Free University of Brussels and received her diploma in 1998. She later succeeded in the required state exams and became a Deputy Public Prosecutor for the juvenile court in Brussels.

After a career of several years in the Belgian Magistracy she had to accept her premature retirement for health reasons in 2011. After months of soul searching she decided to take on evening courses, first to become a color and style consultant and later hands on trade courses in maroquinerie.

Today Elke designs and creates unique leather handbags and fashion accessories under her own brand called Ibriz. She specialises in limited edition handbags and accessories which are sold online via or face to face in her Belgian atelier in Bellingen after making an appointment.

Did you know ?

  • The word “maroquinerie” comes from “maroquin” which indicates tanned goat leather dyed on the hair side of the leather skin. The country of Morocco is renowned for its leather dyeing and tanning industry.

  • Moroccan leather techniques came to Europe via Andalusia - the French term “cordonnier” (leather shoemaker) comes from “Cordovan leather” from the city of Cordoba in Spain.

  • Leather is biodegradable; it takes 25–40 years to decompose. In comparison vinyl and petrochemical derived materials will take 500 or more years to break down and return to the earth.

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